Containers & Container Jobs

In this section, you will learn how to add a container to your service and how to add the deployment of a container job.

Adding and configuring a container

At the moment, when you want to add a container there are 5 elements that you can parametrize:


Required or not




The name of your container



You can either build your container from a Dockerfile or use a Docker Image


Not required

Configure the port of your container

Environment variables

Not Required

Environments variables to parametrize dynamically your containers



CPU and Memory limits of your container

🔜 Soon, you will also be able to configure pods display, logs retrieval and much more.

Check the following pages to get more informations on some of those fields:

Adding and configuring a Container job

Jobs can for instance be used for migrations, data provisioning or to create an admin.

The configuration process is close to the configuration of a container.

Select when the job will be deployed :

  • Before the deployment: that means after the deployment of the dependencies, but before the deployment of the containers

  • After the deployment: after the deployment of the dependencies and of the containers.