Strio is a platform that enables teams to deploy complete environments - including containers, dependencies and data, in minutes.

Deploy environments in minutes

Deploy your containers and the dependencies needed. Provision your environment with data: deploy a container jobs, restore a dump or import data directly from your database. Manage the deployment of several services easily from Strio's interface.

Except for container jobs, data and services links are not available yet.

Adopt a GitOps worfklow

Link Strio to your repositories, at every push or commit, your environments will be redeployed. You can also set up the automatic deployment of an environment at every pull/merge request.

Empower your team

For each service, you can configure environment templates. Making easier for the whole team to deploy environments. Environments can be deployed directly from slack.

Deployment from slack is not available yet.

Governance & budget control

Just like in GitHub or GitLab, you can create organizations with differentiated permissions.

You can also enforce time and budget limits for the environments. Keep track of the deployed environments through metrics and easily retrieve the cost associated to these environments.

Budget limit and metrics are not available yet.